Unfortunately, it’s become an all too common to wake up in the morning and read about yet another instance where someone was spied on with a hidden camera without their knowledge. These stories usually run the gamut, encompassing nearly every type of situation and cast of characters that you can think of. Sometimes it’s a jaded ex-spouse who has installed a hidden camera in a shared property to spy on the new love life of his or her former partner. Other times, it’s a hidden camera installed in a school locker room, retail store bathroom, or some other type of public location.Ceiling fan hidden camera

These stores DON’T usually involve elected officials… but then again, there’s a first time for everything. That’s precisely what happened recently in the Tehri district of Uttarakhand when a Congressional leader was recently arrested for allegedly installing spy cameras in his hotel rooms. Rest assured, the details of this story are as shocking as they are bizarre.

The Congress Leader and the Hidden Cameras: What Happened?

In this particular instance, the Congressional leader in question was Laxmi Prasad Bhatt — a man who also happened to be the owner of the Bassant Palace Hotel in New Tehri. He was recently arrested after a young couple who was staying in the hotel filed a formal complaint, saying that they’d found a hidden camera in the ceiling fan of their room soon after checking in.

After the complaint was filed, officials who worked at the hotel called the police. Law enforcement officials quickly made a sweep of the hotel… and they found even more hidden cameras in various places around the building.

Bhatt wasn’t immediately arrested, however. A New Tehri Station House Officer indicated to local news outlets that a case under cyber crime was quickly registered against him. After more cameras were discovered and additional research was conducted, he was arrested soon thereafter. Even though he is in custody, the police are still trying to determine whether or not Bhatt was uploading the footage captured via the cameras to a website for commercial purposes. In other words, they want to know whether he was using that footage for his own gratification… or whether he also had a series of illegal websites that he was using to profit from it.

For those unfamiliar, Bhatt was very active during the 2017 Assembly elections in the New Tehri area. He was notable for extensively campaigning for Vikram Singh Negi, a former Congress MLA who was vying for a seat in the Tehri district.

In the end, this serves as an important reminder that you can never be too careful — especially when you’re traveling. Despite the fact that these types of news stories seem to be common, actually finding a hidden camera in your hotel room is comparatively rare. After all, there are countless hotels located all around the world where this type of thing doesn’t happen every single day.

But still, people should always be wary when traveling. If you suspect that a hidden camera may have been installed inside your hotel room (or you just want to make sure that one wasn’t), the first thing that you should do is check for small holes in the area. Check not only the walls but also ceiling fans, smoke detectors, cable boxes and more. Likewise, pay close attention to any item that looks out of place — particularly in an area like a hotel room. These days, you can find hidden cameras that fit into just about every item. You should actually pick things up and examine them carefully to be sure that you’re not being spied on.

Likewise, turn off all the lights in a room and pan the flashlight on your smartphone around the room. Even if a camera lens is so small that it’s basically invisible to the naked eye, the chances are still high that it will reflect the light meaning that your phone’s flashlight may soon prove to be a lot more valuable than you initially thought it was.