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One of the biggest mistakes that people make when choosing a pet camera is to think of it the same way they would a nanny cam or even a regular video camera. If your pet is alone all day while you're at work, you want to be able to do more than just keep an eye on them. You want to maintain a constant presence in their lives, both for their own health and well-being and to make sure that they aren't getting into any trouble while you're away. Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, pet cameras now allow you to do all this and more.

Audio and Video Broadcast Features to Consider

Another factor that you'll want to consider before choosing a particular pet camera model has to do with the many different ways that a unit allows you to interact with your pet while you're away from home. Many modern day pet camera models include a display screen, for example, that allows your pet to actually see you at times of your choosing with your smartphone or tablet's built in camera. Think of this as similar to a standard video conference, only the person on the other end of the line happens to be Man's Best Friend back at home.

Pet camera models that include this level of video functionality will also include audio broadcast capabilities, as well. You can speak into your smartphone the same way you would take a regular phone call and your pet can actually hear you if it is within the vicinity of the camera. Note, however, that certain models will only have audio broadcast features and the video broadcast functionality is not a guarantee, so decide whether or not this is important to you before making a purchase.

A Deeper Level of Interaction

Certain advanced models also take things to the next level by allowing you to remotely dispense a treat using additional hardware. This type of feature can be particularly helpful if you're still training a new puppy, for example, as positive reinforcement via rewards can be a great way to cement appropriate habits at such an important point during the animal's development. However, depending on the age of the animal and your own preferences, this may not be something you want to spend extra money on.

Some models also allow you to provide certain scents that can then be spread out into the room, allowing your pet to actually feel like you're in the room even when you won't be home for hours. This can be a great way to calm a pet's mood during trying times, or just to continue to establish that emotional bond between human and animal that will never waver.

Additional Considerations

You'll also want to consider any additional features that may be important to you when choosing a pet camera that go above and beyond giving you the ability to monitor your pet while you're away from home. Certain cameras allow you to capture photos using the camera's live feed, for example, that you can then save to your smartphone or tablet or share on your favorite social networking site.