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Counter Surveillance

  1.  Protect 1205i - Portable bug detector

    Protect 1205i - Portable bug detector

    • High Frequency RF Detector
    • Law Enforcement Grade RF Detector
    • Pen-Style Design for Covert Operations
    • 8 Segment Graph for RF and Location of Bugs
    • Detects GPS, GSM and Wireless Audio Devices
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    Retail Price: $395.00

  2. GSM Safe 3 - Cell Phone Protection System

    GSM Safe 3 - Cell Phone Protection System

    • Provides Protection against any Cell Phone Viruses or Tampering
    • Detects GSM, CDMA, WCDMA (3G) and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi
    • Turns on Automatically when Phone is Placed Inside
    • Compatible with Virtually all GSM Cell Phones
    • Generates White Noise when RF Frequences are Detected to Deter Phone Spies.
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    Retail Price: $350.00

Why Counter Surveillance Matters

As you begin to research spy cams, nanny cams and other types of covert and portable surveillance, you begin to get an idea of just how easy it is to keep an eye on someone. Technology has risen to the point where you could literally be monitoring someone's every move without their knowing - which should be very concerning if you're concerned about your own privacy.

For those types of situations, counter surveillance equipment has risen to meet the challenge and to keep you and your personal activities safe from prying eyes. Whether you think someone may have installed a spy camera, an audio recording device or some other type of surveillance measure, counter surveillance will help put a stop to it sooner rather than later.

Features to Pay Attention To

When it comes to choosing the right counter surveillance device, you'll always want to keep a few key things in mind. For example, not every piece of equipment is built to find every type of surveillance device there is. An RF detector may be able to easily detect radio frequency broadcasts, but if someone's spy camera isn't using RF for transmission, the unit you just bought won't actually do you much good.

For the best results, you'll want to focus on counter surveillance devices that detect more than one type of technology - like RF detectors and lens finders all rolled into one unit.

When it comes to counter surveillance, another factor that you'll definitely want to concern yourself with is one of precision. Certain units detect many different frequencies and offer additional features to help give you a precise location of devices in the area. A device that can tell you "a camera has been installed in your bedroom" is good, but a device that literally pinpoints the exact location of that device down to a few feet is much, much better.

Counter surveillance measures can also include devices that are designed not to detect spying that is already going on, but to stop spying before it actually happens. Cell phone scramblers are very popular devices in this category, for example, and many offer the highest-grade cell phone encryption on the market today. Keep in mind, though, that they'll require a scrambler for each phone included in the conversation.

If you want to make sure that nobody can ever spy on what you're saying to your spouse, you'll need to purchase and install one unit on your phone and another on the spouse's. You'll also want to pay attention to which particular brand of phone a scrambler works for, as Android units might not be compatible with iOS and vice versa.