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Spy Keychains

  1. 808 16 Lens D - Wide Angle HD Keychain Camera

    808 #16 Lens D - Wide Angle HD Keychain Camera

    • 720P HD Video & Audio Recording
    • Battery life of 50 Minutes
    • Wide-Angle Lens with HFOV of 120 Degrees (Lens D)
    • Weighs less than an Ounce
    • Records in Loop Recording or Still Images
    In Stock

    Our Price 39.49

    Retail Price: $69.95

It's easy to covertly record video and audio when you have a hidden camera Car Remote Keychain. These devices look like standard car door lock remotes but have hidden cameras housed inside the casing.  We have affordable consumer video keychains and Lawmate brand professional grade video car remotes, the same ones used by law enforcements. We also have professional grade audio only car keychains capable of recording over 15 hours straight of audio.